Youth For Christ Conference

Youth for Christ conference was on point!! What an amazing first week in the UK! This conference was such a tremendous opportunity getting to gather w/ other Youth for Christ workers from all over the UK! I met some really cool people who are just on fire for the Lord and this ministry! 





As I got to Mike Taylor’s house on January 2, I met some of the team: Alex, Jess, Nathan, James, Matt, Hughston, Rachel and Flash. What a great way to start this journey w/ this great team. The conference was held in Manchester, which is about 3 hours from Teesside, so we had a road trip ahead of us. We stopped at Trafford Centre for lunch. I was able to set up my UK # while we were there (email me if you want it




We arrived just before dinner. While in the hotel lobby, I was thinking about how I hoped to find someone I could connect w/ and that just happened. After dinner I really connected w/ one of the girls that came along for the week. She is really involved at Mike’s church and has helped Youth for Christ out a lot. Her name is Vanessa and it is so cool how similar our stories are. We were inseparable all week:) I loved hanging out w/ her and getting to know her. God knew I needed her this week and in this new country.  Looking forward to more times learning the UK way from her, growing w/ her spiritually, praying w/ her and for her, and having a blast w/ her in all these new locations!!




Renovate was the theme for the conference. The word comes from the Latin verb novare which means to make new. Youth for Christ is undergoing significant renovation within the movement to strengthen our mission in a changing world as we move into 2018 and beyond. I think there is also a renovation of the heart going on that will not leave you unchanged.



What a sweet time worshipping w/ my fellow teammates…


One of the big things (there were so many) that I came away w/ during this conference:

  • Nobody gets fed unless you are fed first – I have experienced in ministry so many times being concerned and focused on everyone else & “doing ministry” that we forget we need to be fed first so we can pour out God to others. The transformation God wants to do through you He needs to do in you first. Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

God has renovated me in this new country and I look forward to all He is going to do in and through me! If you are feeling led to support me, you can go to this link:

Thank you to all who have already supported me on this journey!!!


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